How to Bet on Cricket

Cricket betting has several key factors worth considering before you start placing your bet. Cricket has three formats of the game – test, ODI and T20.

It’s important that you have enough knowledge on cricket and factors that matter in order to win the bets.

Venue of the series

Firstly, the most important factor is the home venue of the series. Playing conditions across the subcontinent countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are completely different from SENA Countries (South Africa England, New Zealand and Australia).

The condition and pitches in SENA countries suits the fast bowlers. The pitches in these countries are quick and bouncy, hence most of the subcontinent batters struggle in SENA countries. The fast bowlers enjoy playing in these kinds of pitches and have been very much successful.

In contrast to SENA countries, the batsmen score a lot of runs in the sub-continent as pace bowlers struggle bowling in the dead pitches of day 4 and 5. It is a fact that the team playing at home has clearly an advantage of using the pitches according to their team’s strength.

Player’s form and skill

Knowing the recent form of players and teams coming into the series will help you develop a betting strategy. There are team and individual rankings provided by ICC which will help you to know in-form players coming into the series. This will give you a clear indication on who to potentially bet on as the leading wicket-takers of the series and potentially the leading run-scorer of that particular series as well.

Toss and Pitch Factor:

Toss is a crucial factor which plays a major role in the outcome of the result especially in the longer format. In test cricket, teams usually prefer batting first as it becomes difficult to bat in the last innings when the pitches become dead and slow on day 4 and day 5.

However, if there is grass on the pitch and there is cloudy weather conditions, then the team which the toss puts the opposition to bat. The bowlers get a lot of help in overcast weather conditions.

In T20, teams prefer chasing as things change so quickly in this format.

Playing XI:

While betting, knowing the playing XI before the start of the match is important information. Lot of cricket pundits and media speculate about the playing 11 which is very helpful for the bookmakers.

Knowing the team selection and understanding of the ability of their players in those conditions will certainly help with your bets.

Betting Websites:

CricBets is one the top sports betting websites, which even live-streams the matches. CricBets ranks the best sites to bet on cricket and list any bonus offers these sites are offering. You can give any of the promotional code / bonus code after signup to receive this bonus amount.

Cric10 is an international betting website which offers cricket betting as well as other sports too. It offers a dedicated page for news related to IPL which will be helpful for the bookmakers to bet on cricket.

In countries like England, USA, Australia, Canada and Europe, betting is legal. According to a report, Australia benefited by $ 11 billion and Canada by about $ 15 billion. According to reports, about 65% of the betting of cricket is on the matches of team India.

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