We all need a good stress reliever!

With the last couple weeks approaching, it is easy for all of us to become easily stressed by last minute projects, dreadfully long research papers, and 2 hours’ worth of filling in bubble sheets for those upcoming finals. On top of that there’s the stress of moving out and making sure everything is getting packed up and moved out before the last day of school and there’s also the stress of quickly approaching scholarship and FAFSA deadlines. Taking all of these on at once seems almost impossible but we’re all doing it and the stress levels are high.

If you’re anything like me, you honestly don’t know when you should just stop and take a break and then it gets to the point of breakdown and then you think your whole life is going to be over because you can’t remember Piaget’s Stage Theory for your Psychology exam. Maybe, you don’t actually have or have had psychology but you get the point.

In recent weeks I have been doing a little research on some stress relievers for these last couple weeks of school. I’ve realized that in order to succeed, you need to have a little fun in between all the hard work. Pushing yourself too far can have major consequences that can potentially have long term effects on your mental and physical health; which, is definitely something you don’t need to worry about with everything else going on. So here are three of my favorite stress relievers and hopefully they will come in handy to you too. P.S. If you’re a college student, GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!

1. Movie and Pizza

There’s nothing better than popping in your favorite movie and eating half a pizza. I recommend your favorite funny movie as well as even inviting a few friends over. Some good laughs and relaxation can cure any stressful moment. After the movie and break you can get right back to work.

2. Take a walk

With the weather getting warmer, a nice walk around the park or campus is sure to take your mind off those pointless star formations for a little while. If you go out early enough you may even see a squirrel or two! And we all know how great BG’s squirrels are.


I know it sounds a little childish but I absolutely love coloring. The best is when you try and incorporate every color you have into the picture somehow. In doing that it easily takes the stress away and you get to go back to the good old first grade days for a little while. Let your inner child out!

Sydnee Smailes

Creative writing major with a minor in psychology at BGSU. I really love Nemo and sour gummy worms. Hopefully one day you will be reading a copy of my books but for now I'll just stick to endless amounts of coffee and jelly donuts.

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